Old Master’s Artistic Workshop presented by

Nikki Harrison Photography & Art



We are excited to announce a workshop with a focus on historical portraiture in Alexandria, Virginia on August 26 & 27 2019 at the Historical home of George Washington, River Farm!

The first day will be an intensive look at styling, posing, shooting both indoors and outside with natural and strobe work to attain the most visually appealing artwork. This is a fully educational day, so with that keep in mind you cannot use the images for competition use, even if you take images without Nikki present. You can, however use your images for print and publication. This is a great opportunity to build your portfolio if you wanted to attract clients interested in this work.

The second day will focus solely on editing, print advice and on marketing.

The workshop is hosted by Katie Garlock and assisted by Virginia Allen. We will have a very selective assortment of models, all sex’s, ages and ethnicities.
A variety of designers and historical designer from Europe as well.

If you have been waiting to take a workshop by Nikki Harrison, this is the one you do not want to miss! There is something for everyone.

Hilton Alexandria Old Town on King St,
The Alexandrian also on King St,
The Morrison House on S. Alfred St is classic and elegant
Hotel Indigo, right on the river.
All of these are 15 minutes or less, right down the George Washington Parkway to River Farm.

$1400 USD Cost includes 2 full days of instruction, venue, models.


If you are interested in only coming for our Styling, shooting and posing day one - cost is $850 USD
If you are interested in only coming for our Editing day two - cost is $850 USD

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